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Tube Skimmer

Oil Skimmer
Schlauchskimmer TU


The tube skimmer TubeTastic can be used on machining centers with litte or no access to the coolant sump from above. This unit can be easily mounted on the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump. By use of an existing opening or making a small access cutout, the collector tube runs through the surface of the coolant and collects the unwanted oils. The oil then flows out the discharge tube into any waste oil container for easy disposal.

TypeTube Length
Oil Separation
TU-12305 mm (12")5,5 l/h
TU-18457 mm (18")5,5 l/h
TU-24610 mm (24")5,5 l/h
TU-32813 mm (32") 5,5 l/h


The tube skimmer Oil Viper is working similar to the type TubeTastic but it's capacity is among that of the belt skimmer M 8. The Oil Viper can be mounted on all kinds of tanks and may be equipped with tubes of up to 30 m reach. On request it may be supplied in stainless steel or in an ATEX version for hazardous area.

Type: STUBE06
Capacity: up to 370 l/h (based on oil SAE 30)

Belt length
Measure the vertical distance from the mounting base of the skimmer to the high level in tank, and refer to the below chart for the correct end to end lenght of tube.

DistanceLength of tube
1,0 m5,0 m
1,5 m7,5 m
2,5 m8,0 m
3,0 m9,0 m
3,5 m11,0 m
4,5 m12,0 m
5,0 m13,0 m
5,5 m14,5 m
6,0 m16,0 m
> 6,0 m (Distance x 2) + 5,0 m
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