Series 7685 - WMI

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Series 7685



Versatile programmable industrial monitors in 96x96 mm panel mounting design.
With LCD display. Various control and alarm functions, analog output signal, keyboard lock etc

 Available Versions
C 7685Electrical conductivity
C 7685.001Electrical conductivity
Electrical resistivity
CL 7685Free chlorine and dissolved ozone
CL 7685.001Free chlorine and dissolved ozone
with PID controller
CL 7685.010Free chlorine and dissolved ozone
for selective membrane sensors
IC 7685Specific ions
IC 7685.010Specific ions
with AutoCal and AutoClean functions
OD 7685Dissolved oxygen 
OD 7685.010Dissolved oxygen
for AutoClean galvanic probe
OD 7685.110Dissolved oxygen
for AutoClean optical probe
PH 7685pH or ORP
PH 7685.010pH and ORP
TU 7685Turbidity and suspended solids
TU 7685.010Turbidity and suspended solids
with PID controller
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