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Medical Grade Capsules



Specially designed as an aftermarket retrofit capsule for endoscopy rinse machines, the RinsCap provides you with an alternative to other more expensive capsules, whilst delivering the same high quality filtration.

The cartridges has beeen designed to address and work in multiple endoscopy machines. This is simplifying stock holding, product selecting and on-going maintenance.

Capable of being both autoclaved (stean sterilised to 134 °C) and hot water sterilised (to 85 °C), the RinseCap is suitable for repeated use and able to cope with up to 25 sterilisation cycles before capsule replacement. The capsule Sterilisation Log is affixed to each capsule and documents usage, cleaning and replacement cycles.

The RinseCap has been manufactured to exacting standards in a clean room environment under ISO quality system, meeting the USP requirements for Class VI-121°C biological for plastics.


  • Medical grade filtration capsule for endoscopy washers

  • Microbial removal rating: 0,2 micron absolute rated

  • Effective filter area: 0,1 m²

  • Dimensions:

.....Lenght (including connections): 155 mm (213 mm)
Diameter: 68 mm

  • Flow rates at 20 °C:

.....0,5 l/min at 0,024 bar differential pressure
1,0 l/min at 0,069 bar differential pressure
1,5 l/min at 0,130 bar differential pressure
2,0 l/min at 0,200 bar differential pressure

  • Maximum operating pressue: 4 bar

  • Sterilisation parameters:

.....Steam sterilization: maximum 25 times at 134 °C for 15 minutes
Hot water sterilisation: maximum 25 times at 85 °C for 10 minutes

  • Membrane made of polyethersulfone. Other parts made of polypropylene.

  • Media integrity test: Bubble point test > 3,2 bar

.....Diffusion: < 8 ml/min at 2,5 bar

  • Capsule integrity test: Pressure hold - 5 bar > 5 minutes

.....Burst pressure: > 10 bar


  • Type RinseCap RC0,2P


  • 24 pcs per carton box. Shipping weight 9 kg

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